Bible Studies

BAB 010 Biblical Theology - Victor Paul Stutzman Jr. (pdf)

BAB 012 N.T. Survey - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 111 Genesis - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 112 Exodus - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB112 Exodus - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

BAB 114 Numbers - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

MAB110 The Pentateuch Student Manual - Don Ristman (pdf) nuevo

MAB120 The Prophetico-Historical Books - Don Ristman (pdf student)(pdf teacher) nuevo

BAB 210 Wisdom Literature - Don Ritsman (doc)

BAB211 Ruth - Cornelio Hegeman (doc) nuevo

BAB 212 Job - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 2141 Proverbs I - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 2142 Proverbs II - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 2143 Proverbs III - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 310 Prophets - Richard Ramsay & Richard Pratt (doc)

BAB 310 Prophets - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 310 Minor Prophets (doc) - Cornelius Hegeman 

BAB311 Isaiah - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 3111 Isaiah I - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 3112 Isaiah II - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 3113 Isaiah III - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

MAB313 Ezequiel - James Whittle (doc) nuevo

BAB 314 Daniel - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB 316 Joel - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 317 Amos - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

BAB 319 Jonah - Julian Zugg (pdf)

BAB 319 Johan - Joster Jumbe (doc) nuevo

BAB 410 The Synoptic Gospelis - Julian Zugg (pdf) nuevo

BAB 411 The Synoptic Gospels I - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB 412 The Synoptic Gospels II - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB 414 Gospel of John 1 - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB 414 Gospel of John 2 - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB 414 Gospel of John 2 - Julian Zugg (doc)

MAB 414 Johannine Literature - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAB610 Acts and Pauline Epistles - Don Ritsman (doc)

MAB 511 Acts - Julian Zugg (pdf)

BAB 610 Romans - Steve McClure (doc)

BAB 612 1st Corinthians - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB614 Galatians - Don Ristman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB65 Prison Epistles - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB615 Ephesians - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB615 Ephesians - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB616 Philippians - Don Ritsman (doc) (teacher doc)

BAB616 Phillippians - Cornelio Hegeman (doc)

BAB617 Colossians - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAB617 Colossians - Cornelio Hegeman (doc)

BAB618 1 Thessalonians - Norlan de Groot (doc) nuevo

BAB620 1 Timothy - Julian Zugg (pdf)

BAB620 1 Timothy - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)nuevo

BAB621 2 Timothy - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

MAB621 2 Timothy - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAB622 Titus - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 623 Philemon - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB624 The General Epistles and Revelation - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB 626 I Peter - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 627 II Peter - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 627 I-II Peter - Don Ritsman (doc) (doc teacher)

BAB6392 Jude - Cornelius Hegenan (doc) nuevo

BAB700 Revelation - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAB700 Revelation (doc) (doc teacher)

MAB 910 Picture of Redemption  - Michael Saunders (doc)

MAB 920 Feasts of Israel - Michael Saunders (doc)

BAB 810 Practical Hermeneutics - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAB 811 The Canon of the Scripture - Michael Saunders (doc)

MAB 100 Theology of Paul - Julian Zugg (doc)

Theological Studies

BAT 02 Essentials of the Christian Faith - R.C. Sproul (doc)

BAT 021 Doctrine of Scripture - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAT022 Calvin's Institutes Pt 1 - Julian Zugg (pdf)

BAT 021 Doctrine of God - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

MAT210 Doctrine of God In The Context of World Religions - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAT 21 Trinity and The Cults - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAT 23 Doctrine of Holy Spirit - RC Sproul (doc)

BAT 310 Doctrine of Man - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAT 041 Doctrine of Christ - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAT 51 Doctrine of Salvation - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAT 511 Doctrine of Grace - Victor Stutzman (pdf)

BAT610 Doctrine of Church - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

MAT610 Doctrine of Church - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAT614 Evangelical Identity - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAT621 Westminster Confession of Faith - Julian Zugg (doc

BAT622 The Heidelberg Catechism - Allen Vander Pol (doc) nuevo

MAT 623 Covenant Theology - Julian Zugg (pdf)

BAT 701 Eschatology - R.C. Sproul (doc)

BAT701 Eschatology - Julian Zugg (pdf)

MAT711 The Coming of the Kingdom Student Manual - Don Ristman (pdf)

BAT 081 Apologetics - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

MAT 081 Apologetics - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAT 84 Practical Apologetics - R.C. Sproul (doc)

BAT101 Millenial Positions - Michael Saunders (doc)

MAT92 Eastern Orthodoxy - Julian Zugg (doc)

MAT092 Eastern Orthodoxy & Reformed Theology Guide 1 - Julian Zugg (doc) nuevo

BAT101 Millenial Positions - Michael Saunders (doc) (pdf)

Ministerial Studies

BAM 110 Reformed Worship - Julian Zugg (doc) nuevo

BAM 021 Origen of Prayer - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

MAM 311 Introduction to Christian Counseling - Jared Reed (pdf) nuevo

BAM 317 Marriage Enrichment - Michael Saunders (doc) (teacher doc)

BAM326 Introduction to Teaching MINTS Theology in Prison (doc) nuevo

BAM 81 Philosophy and Principals of Global Theological Education - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAM 852 MINTS Mission Plan - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

BAM914 Church Membership - Allen Vander Pol (doc)

BAM1416 Pastoral Theological Counseling - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

Church History and Missions Studies

BAH 111 Early Church History - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAH 111 Ancient Church History - Allen Vander Pool (doc)

MAH 112 Medieval Church History - Allen Vander Pool (doc

BAH 300 Modern Church History - Allen Vander Pool (doc)

MAH 021 Reformation History - Julian Zugg (doc)

BAH 71 Origins of Protestantism in Latin America - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAH 75 Ethnic Disfranshisement - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAH 912 Denominational Mission History - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAH 914 Nella, One Stroke at a time - Cornelius Hegeman (pdf)

BAH 936 Biblical Foundation of Mission - Julian Zugg (doc

BAH 90 Introduction to a Biblical Missiology - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BAH 922 The Missionary Call and Sending - Cornelius Hegeman (doc) nuevo

BAH 131 Serving the least of these my brethern - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

Humanity Studies

BALA110 How to Write a Simple English Sentence - Allen Vander Pol (doc) nuevo

BALA 1082 How to Write a MINTS course  - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)

BALA/MALA 091 Mythology, Science and Theology - Cornelius Hegeman (doc)